Best tips for sticking to your New Years Resolution

Following on from last week’s email, we’re now a good two weeks into 2023.

This means that if our New Year’s Resolutions included changing a habit, we’re already halfway towards reprogramming our brains and yet research shows that after two weeks, only 71% of those who set a goal on 1 st January are still successful at keeping it. So, if you’re in the 29% of people on route to success, I’m curious to know your strategy because I may want to borrow it!

NLP Strategy Elicitation is a great skill that certified NLP Practitioners love to use two reasons:

Firstly, it’s a good or effective strategy, you can apply it to another aspect of your life, where you want to improve.

Secondly, if it’s a bad strategy, you can learn how to mess it up and put something far more effective in its place.

Alternatively, it you know the trigger/cue for a particular behaviour the NLP Swish Pattern is one you can learn quickly and lead for yourself.

  1. Think of the cue image you want to replace [e.g. Someone offers you a cigarette]
  2. Make that image big and bright.
  3. Insert a small image of how you want to be instead, down in that left hand corner.
  4. Mentally swish [SWOP] that image. Repeat 5 or 6 times.

Top Tip: Your brain learns quick, so work fast!

You can “Swish” to move from procrastinating to working hard, eating rubbish to a healthy meal, ignoring the alarm to being up with the lark or whatever you want to do to shine brighter. If you want to join the 9% who consistently and insistently meet their goals, click on the Shine NLP link below.