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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 – Avoiding Anxiety with NLP & Hypnosis

I wonder if you know that it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. I had no idea until somebody else told me, although I work in the well-being trade and yet The Mental Health Foundation note: Mental [...]

May is for Mojo! Stressless & Achieve More in Summer 2021

Your Mojo is that quality that attracts people to you. It’s that spirit [self-esteem] within that drives your success and keeps you full of energy. However, if you’ve been feeling low and slow or [...]

Get the Teaching Job You Want – 10 Top Tips for Applicants in 2021

Get the Teaching Job You Want – 10 Top Tips for Applicants in 2021 According to TES Jobs, the number of teaching vacancies in the UK is down by 58 per cent compared with this time last [...]

Holiday Easter 2021 – “Fly” Now!

Overseas holidays are now banned under UK law! As Easter 2021 approaches, it is now illegal to leave the UK without a “reasonable excuse”.  Anyone who travels to a port or airport with the aim of [...]

Misophonia – Sound rage or sensory tsunami?

Recently, I met a new client. We sat chatting whilst Mum made the tea. The young person chatted freely about Misophonia and was comfortably relaxed until Mum sat down and crossed her legs. And [...]

Hypnotherapy for Children

Children, like grown-ups, can thrive when all of their basic needs are met. As parents, we are tasked with nurturing our children so that they can be their best. NLP and Hypnotherapy for children [...]

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Want a Sport’s Mindset? Strategies to Get YOUR Head in Gear!

Do you enjoy a chosen sport? Are you keen to improve your skills? And, are you currently frustrated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your training regime? Here’s a few strategies for [...]

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How Fear Keeps You Smoking and How to Change It!

If you’re a smoker and worried about the risks around COVID-19 then now would be a good time to think about quitting for good. It’s a harsh reality that if you’re a smoker you’re more likely to [...]

How to Sleep like a Baby in 7 Simple Steps

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed more and more people talking about the changes in their daily routine. I must admit that the freedom to stay in our pyjamas and work from the bed or [...]

Ride the Wave – A Trance to Plan for Certainty in Uncertain Times

As you know, the world is the grip of a global pandemic. Storm Covid19 has hit, and, as a result, our current plans have come crashing down. You may be feeling worried, unsure about what the [...]

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