Inspiring you to shine

NLP Taster Session

As a business owner, salesperson, leader or manager of people, how you think and relate to others is key. Losing a sale or having to replace a burnt-out executive or member of your team costs time, energy and money. Your skills and mindset, as well as your ability to communicate effectively are crucial for your success in our rapidly changing world.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] has become the “go-to” skill set for anyone looking to live their best life and learning it gives you a powerful toolkit to achieve success in all areas.

At Shine NLP, with Tanya Bunting Coaching, our core purpose is on trainable and transferable skills that enable you to manage your own and others’ emotional state for the task in hand, enabling you and the people you serve to enjoy your journey to success.

To help business owners, managers and salespeople learn the benefits of NLP and how the skills and techniques can ensure success, we are offering a 2-hour introductory session.

The Details

There are 3 sessions, taking place on Thursday 6th October, Thursday 3rd November and Thursday 1st December from 1pm at the Hotel Collingwood in Bournemouth.

Cost: £20 per session