The Childbirth Coach

Ensuring mums to be and their birthing partners practice a stress-free pregnancy and comfortable birth.

Trance-forming Childbirth for You

I work with Mums to be and their birthing partners to ensure a stress-free pregnancy and comfortable birth. My mission is to support my clients to believe in themselves, take control and determine their own destiny.

My aim is to help those expecting a baby to plan a stress-free pregnancy and birth by teaching a range of strategies to support your baby’s delivery.

As a Licensed Trainer of NLP, as well as a Post Graduate Clinical Hypnotherapist. I love combining my skills to assist clients of all ages to follow their dreams, not least a stress-free pregnancy and birth.

Unlike other courses, my Trance-forming Childbirth Course has no formula. I work flexibly and intuitively to adapt my teaching to meet the needs of each participant.

You Will Learn

About the history of hypnosis in childbirth – why and how it works

All about the impact of stress and how to release it

NLP strategies to support you to control your emotional state

Hypnosis skills & deep trance phenomena to support a stress-free birth.

The Process

1. Teaching of the key knowledge and understanding required

2. Teaching of Self-Hypnosis in and out of Trance – Demonstration, Practice and Feedback

3. Reflection: An effective trance – the difference that makes a difference

Why mums to be and their birthing partners choose Tanya:

  • She is trained, mentored and recommended by Tina Taylor, author of Painless Childbirth.
  • Her extensive background in lesson design has informed a highly interactive, enjoyable and inclusive course.
  • NLP and Hypnotherapy skills are taught effectively, working on the principle that you remember 90% of what you learn when you apply it immediately.
  • Your individual wishes for childbirth inform the creative aspects of the course, making it bespoke you whether you choose the *group or **individual training route

*Group courses are limited to a maximum of three or four couples depending on the venue. This enables each couple to receive some individual time with Tanya during the practice sessions.

**Individual training per couple is offered in Bournemouth, Southampton and London. Availability is limited.

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Welcome to our World Stories

  • When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to try and prepare for the birth of my baby by doing a hypnotherapy for birthing course. I had heard some really positive stories and was open minded to find out more. Tanya was my birthing coach and she coached me how to enter a trance like relaxed state, believe and trust in my body’s ability to grow my baby and give birth and to view birth as a positive rather than painful experience. Throughout my pregnancy, my friends and family were amazed how calm and relaxed I was and I believe this was due to all the hypno- relaxation techniques I did daily. I found not only did the relaxation techniques help me have a peaceful sleep every night but also gave me skills that helped manage stress with my work too. When my waters broke at home I was able to remain extremely calm and relaxed and breathe through my surges. I got to 7cm at home on my own before I called the midwife to see if I was ready to go into hospital. I was so relaxed on the phone that the midwife did not think I was anywhere near ready until she examined me! When I got to the birthing suite at the hospital I went in the water and listened to my hypnomusic. My mum and husband both said I immediately seemed to go into a trance like state and was actually falling asleep between contractions! My birthing partners who both attended the course with me were able to help me focus on my breathing and support me all the way through using lots of strategies we learnt such as positive birth affirmations and touch. I was able to give birth to my baby girl without any drugs and she came into the world extremely calm without crying and has been a chilled, happy baby since. I view my birth as a positive experience where I had ‘surges’ not contractions, ‘pressure’ not pain and I felt confident. I completely trusted my body and baby to know what to do and relaxed and let my body take over whilst taking my mind somewhere else. I would recommend Trance-Forming Childbirth and Tanya as a birthing coach to any expectant mother. I am so happy that Tanya was a part of my daughter’s journey and will be forever grateful for the skills she has taught me.


Qualifications and Training

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • NLP Licensed Practitioner
  • NLP Licensed Master Practitioner
  • NLP Licensed Coach