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In 2014, I left school leadership having been a headteacher for 13 years to pursue a second career in Change Work. Half a decade later, colleagues are still contacting me to coach them through the application and interview process. I really enjoy supporting colleagues to fully realise the skills and impact they have to offer an employer, so have since decided to offer this opportunity to a wider audience.

My clients are typically undergraduates applying to university or graduates looking to secure their first job or a significant promotion, who aren’t sure what to write in order to stand out from the crowd. Or, people who have secured an interview but suffer from performance anxiety. I teach you how the recruitment process works to ensure equal opportunities and coach you to:

  • Clarify what job to want and why
  • Research the right job for you where you can make a difference
  • Confidently complete an application form that turns heads
  • Write a personal statement that shows impact

Whatever your chosen profession, I help you to change any fears or limiting beliefs so that you shine even brighter and secure the job or promotion you want.

Having been a school leader for nearly 20 years, I love supporting Newly Qualified Teachers [NQTs] to secure their first teaching post, as well as coaching experienced teachers to ensure their next promotion.

You Will Learn

To successfully manage any limiting beliefs that contribute to performance anxiety

Relaxation and visualisation techniques to prepare for an interview

NLP techniques to manage your emotional state for an interview

Create convincing presentations so you stand out from the crowd

The Process

Complimentary telephone consultation – Getting to know you, your aspirations and sharing how I can help.

Initial consultation: Teaching and coaching to write an impressive job application and/or personal statement that gets you noticed.

Drafting and editing support: Send me your first draft, which I will critique and then feedback. I will then coach you to ensure that you have shown how you will secure impact and best value.

Follow-up consultation: Preparation for interview – mock interview, presentation skills, overcoming performance anxiety, as necessary.

Why choose Tanya?

Tanya is passionate about supporting clients to secure the right job for them, as she believes that passion leads to performance and performance leads to promotion.

During her seventeen years of school leadership, Tanya led the recruitment process for all new staff and recalls one occasion when she received 120 applications for just 4 teaching posts! She notes that, “A fair and equitable recruitment process requires you to read, score and rank every application. If applicants want to stand out from the crowd, they need to write a supporting statement that not only answers the Job Description and Person Specification in full, but also shows outstanding impact, vision and personality to hold the audience. There’s an art to writing a winning application, so please get in touch if you want to shine brighter.”

Take the next step to empowering success.

Tanya Bunting Hypnotherapy and NLP works to create success through providing the skills and strategies to a successful you.

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