An Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis enables us to enter a state called a trance. Whilst you’ll be aware of what’s happening around you, your conscious mind can remain deeply focused. This is what makes your unconscious mind susceptible to the changes you want to make.

One of my colleagues, Tina Taylor, Co-founder of the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy notes, “You know how when you watch a film, your attention gets focused on the screen, and you notice less of what’s going on around you? With a really good film, it can go on for maybe three hours and yet the time just flies by.” This is an example of a trance, and we go in and out of trances all the time; for example, when we’re driving, thinking about an upcoming event and imagining the good times we’re going to have. Hypnotherapy enables you to make positive use of the trances or dream like states that you enter naturally.

My role, as your Clinical Hypnotherapist, is to guide the process so that you maximise the use of those inner resources that you’re not normally aware of. Put simply, I talk to your unconscious mind [the one that makes things happen automatically] to programme it so that change happens more spontaneously. Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real life and make believe; if you rehearse it well enough it thinks that change has already occurred, and new behaviours become more automatic.

As Tina says, “It’s in the unconscious where most of the important stuff happens. You can’t regulate your body processes consciously, or learn to speak that way, and it’s the same when it comes to dealing with problems. If we could make them disappear by thinking about them, they would. But that’s not how it is. It’s by working with the unconscious in an altered state that changes happen.”

Hypnotherapy may sound like a magic wand and it can feel like magic! However, it’s important to be aware that in order for you to reach your full potential, your conscious effort is still important. The good news is that the more you listen in trance, the easier your change will be.

Overcoming addictions

smoking, alcohol, cocaine

Alleviating Mental Health

depression, anxiety, fears and phobias

Managing pain control

migraine, Painless Childbirth

Fertility & Childbirth

Weight Control

this may include the Hypnotic Gastric Ban

Permonance anxiety

Public speaking and presention skills

Why Choose Tanya?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tanya has been trained in using the art of hypnosis together with therapeutic intervention to bring about improvement or healing in a variety of clinical conditions and negative behaviours.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is recognised by the National Health Service [NHS] in the UK and Tanya’s qualifications support her listing on the General Hypnotherapy Register [GHR] and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council [CHNC]. As a professional, she upholds the associated Code of Ethics, guidance and legislation; as well as the required on-going professional development and supervision requirements.

If you are wondering whether Hypnotherapy is the answer to your specific issue, contact her directly for an initial [no obligation], complimentary telephone consultation. I will listen to what it is that you want and share how I can help. I look for to speaking with you soon.

The Process

Complementary telephone consultation

An opportunity to tell Tanya what you want and begin to know how she can help you.

Intake form

You complete a form that informs your treatment and send it to Tanya before your first therapy session.

Therapy Session

Each session starts with an update and discussion to inform your treatment plan. This generally includes learning new skills and techniques, as well as a bespoke trance and home-play designed especially for you.


Your relaxing trance will be led by Tanya whose hypnotic voice will guide your deep relaxation and focused attention to seal into your unconscious the solutions to your success.

Call now for your free consultation

Contact Tanya for an initial no obligation, complimentary consultation and find out if Hypnotherapy is the answer to the issue you want to solve.