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Hello and welcome to the Tanya Bunting Coaching and Shine NLP website.

I’m Tanya and my core purpose is to INSPIRE you to make the changes you want to live your best life. Let’s face it, we all need support from time to time whether it’s a listening ear, a helping hand or someone with the skills and INNOVATION  to help us to find the best solution.

There is no “one size fits all” so I work with you to find the answers that work for you and teach you great skills that support INDEPENDENCE in the longer term.

Whether you want to change a habit, reverse a limiting belief or you’re simply keen to learn great mindset techniques, coaching with Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP may well be the answer, especially if you’ve tried everything else and you’re ready for a lasting solution.

If you’re looking for Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP in Bournemouth, London or online, I would love to help. Imagine how different life will be when you’ve made that change…

I offer a complimentary discovery call, so why not take the first step today.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis enables us to enter a state called a trance. Whilst you’ll be aware of what’s happening around you, your conscious mind can remain deeply focused. This is what makes your unconscious mind susceptible to the changes you want to make.


Through the use of hypnotherapy and NLP, you can shine brighter and learn the strategies to become your better you.

The Birthing Coach

Working with mums to be and their birthing partners to ensure a stress-free pregnancy and comfortable birth.

The Life Coach

Address the barriers of everyday personal learnings and overcome obstacles for a better you.

The Children's Coach

Transform your classroom and use NLP technology as your go-to toolkit for positive learning. 

The Study Coach

Coaching you through the tough times of your exams. Confidently prepare for the examination process. 

The Job Coach

In a highly competitive environment, use succesful skills and strategies to support career progression.

Shine NLP Training

Shine brighter with NLP. Your pathway to becoming an NLP practitioner.

Start your shine

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