Tanya coaches you through the Hypnotherapy and NLP skills and strategies so you can become your better you.

The Birthing Coach

Working with mums to be and their birthing partners to ensure a stress-free pregnancy and comfortable birth.

The Life Coach

Address the barriers of everyday personal learnings and overcome obstacles for a better you.

The Children's Coach

Transform your classroom and use NLP technology as your go-to toolkit for positive learning. 

The Study Coach

Coaching you through the tough times of your exams. Confidently prepare for the examination process. 

The Job Coach

In a highly competitive environment, use succesful skills and strategies to support career progression.

Shine NLP Training

Shine brighter with NLP. Your pathway to becoming an NLP practitioner.

Start Shining Brighter

Tanya Bunting Hypnotherapy and NLP work to create success. Whether you are looking to break the barrier in your personal or work life, Tanya can provide the skills and strategies to change.

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