Enjoy your paradise island from anywhere with NLP

Did you know that we need a good 20 minutes sunshine on our skin to get enough D3? 

And, the Serotonin we produce in the sun turns to Melatonin at night but only if you sleep in the dark. So, lights out for a good night’s sleep.  

Now, when the sky is grey, it can be so much harder to get your shine on, can’t it?

But, with hypnosis you can go anywhere you like in your mind an enjoy the sun anytime, any place, anywhere! So, if “A Trance to Enjoy Your Paradise Island” appeals, the download is a gift to you. 

Hypnosis is another skill that you learn on our Licensed Practitioner of NLP Course. And, 20 minutes in trance is equivalent to 3-4 hours sleep, so enjoy a trance on me!