Make those compliments work for you

A couple of years ago when I was publishing my first book, my marketing friend Sue said, “You can be The Shine Lady”! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your “Sparkle” can help others to achieve their goals?

This week, I heard from a mystery caller. She knew a little bit about my journey and wanted to fill in the gaps. Her mission being to learn from others who continue to shine, even in the face of adversity. Somehow, she knew I’d had a few hurdles along the way and continued to jump them, nevertheless.

My answer was simple…NLP! Seven days in a room with Dr Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP was life changing. Super excited and thinking differently, I left the course knowing that you can use your NLP toolkit to support yourself and others to achieve a whole lot more. I went back to teaching, studying and sales, and started a business simultaneously, whilst being Tanya the Mum and Carer and life had never been easier.

“You’re an inspiration!” said the mystery caller and I thought, “I’ll take that compliment!” It felt good, so why not?

When you give or receive a compliment, your brain releases Dopamine, one of the happy brain chemicals so that you and others feel good. State management, managing your own and other people’s emotional states is one of the key skills you learn when you become a Licensed Practitioner of NLP. If you’re curious to find out more, click on the below link to start your shine.

NLP inspired me to “Inspire YOU to shine…and accelerate progress towards your goals”. As a Shine Lady, as Sue would say, I don’t really have a can of Sparkle, but I do love to share my skills so that you polish your skills and communication, whatever your chosen field be that in coaching, business, sales or teaching… to name but a few!

Harvard research states that 70% of people find it hard to take a compliment. My invitation to you this week is to simply say, “Thank you” and enjoy your shine. And don’t think twice about paying a compliment or two.