Negative thoughts and Unwanted Feelings? Step Back and Change the Lens!

 Wonder if you remember a negative thoughts and unwanted feelings come tumbling back.

Or you’re feeling anxious about an event that’s coming up soon.

Maybe you get stuck in a loop and can’t stop thinking about it.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick and easy strategy to get rid of those negative thoughts and unwanted feelings?

Here’s how…

When you remember that past experience or think about the one that’s coming up, what do you notice?

  • A picture or a mind movie? [There usually is. If it’s a movie, freeze it!]
  • Voices or a sound? [Notice how you can use your mind to turn the sound down]
  • Associated feelings/sensations

The fact that it’s an experience where the feelings come tumbling back suggests that you’re fully associated. That is to say that you are back in the moment and seeing what’s happening through your own eyes. If you can see yourself in the picture you’re dissociated, which can make the feelings less intense.

When we dissociate, it’s like taking a step back. You put some distance between you and that event that was causing those unwanted sensations. The further you push the picture away from your mind, the better you can feel. And, when you see the world through a different lens, you can let those feelings go.

On NLP Eternal, you’ll find a great trance from Dr Richard Bandler that teaches you to step through anxiety by seeing the world through a different lens. You literally put the unwanted picture far away in the distance and put pictures of great thoughts or memories between you and that picture you want to see differently; a bit like putting a photo of an unwanted memory/thought behind all of your favourite ones.

My invitation to you this week, is to notice when else and where else you can use it. It’s great for headaches, you can literally send the unwanted sensation to the person in the mirror.

If you’re at the dentist, you can float your mind to where you want to be instead. Barbados is my preferred option!

If you’re looking from another viewpoint, change the colours to black and white and notice how much better that feel.

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Here’s to shining bright in the week ahead…