NLP for Erasing Writer’s Block!

It is Sunday and I’m a little late writing this post for publication [a week late if we’re being honest], not because I haven’t had time and not because I can’t turn the pressure on, but simply because I have yet to find my muse.

So, I’ve decided to sit down and start typing and see where my musings take me, as my mind wonders and wanders to find the right inspiration to inspire my audience today.

Research shows that writer’s block is caused by stress; those intense emotions that stop you having the freedom to allow your thoughts to flow easily.

A good few years ago, I sat down to write a picture book. After a couple hours, I had an idea for a character but no idea of a story that would entertain young children and have them joining in like the Gruffalo or Burglar Bill, to mention just two of the greats.

The more I sat looking at the page [visual], the more my mind went around in circles and the more I told myself [negative suggestion] it wasn’t working!

And, I was right, my strategy was NOT working.

Yet, when I closed my eyes and went inside [visual internal] with the intention that the ideas will flow [positive suggestion], they did…

Before long, Amber Lamborghini on her three wheeled bike was off on an amazing adventure…

The more I spent time in trance, entranced with my character [a young lady with down syndrome] and how she interacted with her world to make it work for her, the more the ideas flowed so that when I opened my eyes and started writing in waking time it was easy…

I had done the composition and now all I had to do was to write it down! That’s why I love NLP and the POWER OF SUGGESTION and that’s why I take time every Sunday to share these great skills with you.

NLP Strategy Elicitation is just one of the great skills you learn when you decide to learn NLP. When you know how a negative strategy works, you can mess it up and install the one that works instead. Like anything else in life, it’s easy when you know how!

My invitation to you this week, is to begin to notice the strategies that work well for you. Listen to your own internal voice and notice how you speak to yourself when things are going well, as opposed to when they don’t.

As for my muse this week, I’m happy to say I’ve found it now and avoided that old habit of writer’s block by suggesting to myself to sit down and start typing and my unconscious would do all this rest!

Rest awhile and enjoy your Sunday and enjoy your “shine” in the week ahead.

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