Reframe your mindset for a positive perspective

I wonder if you’ve ever dwelled on a belief…My boss doesn’t trust me, my teenager is disrespecting our home, or something similar?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a simple strategy to find yourself or your client a new perspective?

NLP Reframing is a magical technique that does just that. Seeing a limiting belief from a different viewpoint dissolves the “glue” so that people who were previously stuck can find a way to move on.

Think of the a Dad saying, “My daughter disrespects me!”

When asked, “How do you know?” the list was endless:

  • I suggest buying a dress. She says, “No, I like my jeans!”
  • I suggest a walk and she say, “No. I’m online with my friends.

NLP reframing has two great questions to change the perspective.

  1. Content Reframe: What else can it mean?
  2. Context Reframe: Where else would this behaviour be useful?

Firstly, how much better would you feel as a parent if someone helped you reframe the content:

“First of all, you’ve brought up a strong young lady who speaks her mind and is developing her own sense of style!”

“Secondly, in certain situations, saying No is a good thing isn’t it. One day, she may be out with a boyfriend who is going too fast and she’ll be able to say No and mean it. You’d be proud of her then, wouldn’t you?”

Dr Bandler says,

“When you change how you think, you change how you feel and you change what you can do.”

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My invitation to you is to notice a limiting belief and reframe it and notice how much better you feel… if not for you, maybe you can support a friend.