Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade


  1.  Client refers to any person or organisation that attends orders or uses any of the coaching services, workshops, training courses or products of Tanya Bunting.
  2. Tanya Bunting offers a range of personal and corporate services, products, workshops, seminars and training designed to assist clients to make changes to their behaviours utilising a wide variety of techniques including but not limited to hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); all services, products and training is provided for educational purposes only and are designed to assist the client to change their behaviours.
  3. The services and products provided to clients will hereafter be referred to as “coaching” and are provided to clients without prejudice.
  4. Additional terms and conditions may apply for corporate coaching, training, workshops, master classes, seminars and products. They will be in addition to these terms and will not exclude or super cede any of the terms contained in this document.
  5. These terms and conditions of trading are unequivocal and supersede any qualifications made by any client whatsoever at any time in any medium.
  6. Tanya Bunting operates and provides her services in accordance with UK laws.
  7. Tanya Bunting is committed to using modern therapeutic and educational health strategies in order to coach clients and help re- educate them to make better life style choices and behavioural changes.  All coaching products and services are educational health programs and should be used complementary to and not instead of any conventional medical advice or treatments.  If it is deemed appropriate, Tanya will liaise between clients and their conventional medical health professional in order to help a client to make any significant lifestyle or health education changes.
  8. Tanya’s best efforts will be made to help clients to effect change however because of the nature of the services and products offered we are unable to offer guarantees of success; clients enter into any coaching fully aware of this.
  9. Tanya maintains client notes and may record client sessions for ongoing training purposes.  Any recordings or notes will remain the property of Tanya Bunting and may be used for training purposes
    or published providing the anonymity of clients and the safeguarding of their welfare are maintained.  Recordings may be released at our discretion if needed in a court of law for any purpose without prejudice.
  10. All client information is confidential; however, in exceptional circumstances such as when needed by the courts or police, or when informed of information of a criminal, illegal or immoral nature when we have a legal and moral obligation to make such information including notes and recording available.
  11. Tanya Bunting may use referrals for promotion and marketing purposes.
  12. All coaching and/or therapy is to be pre-paid for before the commencement of the service or dispatch of any products ordered.  Payment must be made by either cash, BACs [bank transfer] or cheque (supported by a valid cheque guarantee card), if a cheque guarantee card is not supplied it will be deemed as having been supplied and the client personally liable for the cost of the coaching to its full value.
  13. All invoices are payable upon presentation and client sessions are to be paid in full at the commencement of the first appointment.
  14. A telephone booking for an appointment will be deemed to be a confirmation of the client’s reserving the services and time; the person attending the session will be responsible for making payment.
  15. Appointment times for coaching and/or therapy are booked either on the hour or on the half hour but will generally start 5 minutes after the appointment time given, please ensure you arrive no earlier then 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  16. The client is responsible for his or her own travel arrangements and parking and for arriving on time at their appointment. Please check the location of the appointment.  Because we are often working with clients and are unable to answer the phones please ensure you check the location before leaving, as we may not be able to help clients with directions whilst clients are on route.
  17. Should it be agreed that the appointment will be held at the client’s own premises, travel costs will be charged pro-rata our normal consultation rates for travel time plus transport costs a total will be  agreed before the session and confirmed in writing. The client will be responsible for providing a safe and un- interrupted place of work. Part fees will be required before the appointment (normally 50%) with the balance paid upon arrival.
  18. Please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation or re- scheduling of your appointment for any reason whatsoever by phoning 07985 451650.  Clients cancelling within a 48-hour period will be liable for the full standard appointment charge for the appointment cancelled.
  19. Clients failing to show for their appointment without sufficient prior notice forfeit their right to the session missed. If this is their first session and they have not yet pre-paid then the full session fee at normal session rates will be charged and we will invoice the client for the missed session. Collection terms as per item 27 will apply. A client in the middle of a coaching/therapy programme will be required to pay the cost of an additional session in order to complete the programme.
  20. Tanya Bunting reserves the right to halt, to cancel at any time or to refuse to offer any training, product, workshop or service to a client at any time without prejudice for any cause or reason. If any programs are stopped the client will be billed for coaching time already received at our standard hourly rate any refund due will be paid to the client by way of a cheque. If a client is attending a reduced rate programme then the standard hourly rate will apply to the costs calculation. Examples of reasonable causes for cancelling or halting a programme are persistent cancellation or lateness by the client, rudeness, violence or threat of, conflicts of interest (these examples are indicative of causes and are not exhaustive).
  21. Should there be a need for Tanya Bunting to cancel a client’s appointment for any reason whatsoever including illness and any unforeseen circumstances we will make reasonable efforts to give adequate prior notice, Tanya Bunting cannot accept any costs or claims for travel, inconvenience or any other aspect related to cancelled appointments. Cancellations are made without prejudice.
  22. In the event of late payment, non-payment or cancellation of a payment or of a cheque supplied without a cheque guarantee card or payment that is not cleared for any reason whatsoever it is the policy of Tanya Bunting to recover the monies due plus all related costs through the courts. Should it be required of Tanya Bunting to attend court for any reason whatsoever the client agrees to bear all costs related to any action including for the time spent in correspondence (a charge of £25 per letter written in relation to the event will be made), appointing a solicitor (at legal rates) and for our attending court and any time spent arranging recovery or attending court. All such costs for Tanya Bunting representatives’ time will be recorded billed for at our normal business consultancy rates, which are £150 per hour [£250 per hour London Rate]. In addition, interest will be charged at 5% above base on a monthly basis chargeable until payment is received. We reserve all rights and remedies in this respect.
  23. Clients will be deemed to accept all responsibility for their own well-being and attend their sessions and undergo any of the techniques during and between their appointments of their own volition and free will.
  24. To protect our copyright all clients, agree to withhold and refrain from any reporting, recording or copying of the coaching services, workshops, training courses or products in any medium or participating in the production of any such reporting. Any breach by the client will be regarded as an agreement on the client’s behalf to pay our reporting fee being a minimum £10,000 for each reporting event that is in breach of this term. Any reporting done will become our copyright and the client agrees to present Tanya Bunting with any fees or commissions earnt from their reporting; reporting can only be done with the express written permission and approval of Tanya Bunting who retains at all times right to veto any reporting at any stage without prejudice. We reserve all rights and remedies in this respect.
  25. All clients booking the services of Tanya Bunting upon commencing their first session will be deemed to have read and to have agreed to these terms and conditions whether they are signed or not.
  26. It is the responsibility of the client to keep us informed of any relevant health issues that may have a bearing on the efficacy of their programme before, between and during their appointments.
  27. Please note that these terms and conditions do not preclude your normal UK consumer rights.

Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Tanya Bunting Coaching Products

The Contract Between Us

Tanya Bunting Coaching must receive payment of the whole of the price for the goods that you order before your order can be accepted, and the contract formed. Payment is not taken until the point of dispatch of the goods to you via download. Once payment has been received Tanya Bunting Coaching will confirm that your order has been received by sending an email to you at the email address you provide in your registration form.

The shipment email will include your name, the order number and the total price. Tanya Bunting Coaching’s acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract between us on these terms. Any term sought to be imposed by you in your order will not form part of the contract.

Tanya Bunting Coaching is entitled to withdraw from any contract in the case of obvious errors or inaccuracies regarding the goods appearing on our web site.


The prices payable for goods that you order is as set out in our web site. (including UK VAT where appropriate). Prices and payment may be made in pounds sterling (or equivalent in your local currency as determined by us).

If it is not possible to download your purchase (for example due to your connection or your location) we may transmit the goods to you by other electronic means with your agreement. There may be an extra charge for this, which we will inform you of.

If goods are delivered by other electronic means due to entry of an incorrect email address by a user, an extra charge may occur for this service, which we will inform you of.

Availability of Goods You Order

If Tanya Bunting Coaching cannot for any reason deliver the goods ordered by you, we will notify you as soon as possible and any sum debited by Tanya Bunting Coaching from your credit card will be re-credited to your account and Tanya Bunting Coaching will notify you by email at the address given by you in your order form. The refund will be made as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days of your order. Tanya Bunting Coaching will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for failure to deliver any items.

Delivery of Goods to You

Tanya Bunting Coaching will deliver the goods ordered by you via email at the address you give Tanya Bunting Coaching for delivery at the time you register.

Tanya Bunting Coaching cannot be held responsible if the user of the website, you, register with an incorrect email address and purchased products lost as a result.

Tanya Bunting Coaching cannot be held responsible if the user of the website, you, registers with an incorrect postal address and purchase products lost as a result.

Delivery will be made as soon as possible after your order is accepted and in any event within 30 days of dispatch of the order. All delivery times quoted on the web site are estimates only, based on normal processing and network availability.

You will become the owner of the goods you have ordered when they have been delivered to you. Once goods have been delivered to you they will be held at your own risk and Tanya Bunting Coaching will not be liable for their loss or destruction.


This is as follows: –

  • Products are supplied for educational purposes only.
  • If the goods Tanya Bunting Coaching delivers are not what you ordered or are damaged or defective or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity,
  • Tanya Bunting Coaching shall have no liability to you unless you notify
  • Tanya Bunting Coaching in writing at the Tanya Bunting Coaching contact address of the problem within 10 working days of the delivery of goods in question.
  • If you do not receive goods ordered by you within 30 days of the date on which they were dispatched to you, Tanya Bunting Coaching shall have no liability to you unless you notify Tanya Bunting Coaching in writing at the Tanya Bunting Coaching contact address of the problem within 40 days of the date on which the goods were dispatched to you.
  • If you notify a problem to Tanya Bunting Coaching under this condition, Tanya Bunting Coaching’s only obligation will be, at its option: – to make good any shortage or non-delivery; to replace or repair any goods that are damaged or defective; or to refund to you the amount paid by you for the goods in question in whatever way Tanya Bunting Coaching chooses.
  • Tanya Bunting Coaching will not be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of any problem you notify to Tanya Bunting Coaching under this condition and Tanya Bunting Coaching shall have no liability to pay any money to you by way of compensation other than to refund to you the amount paid by you for the goods in question under paragraph (c) above.
  • Nothing in this condition is, however, intended to limit any rights you might have as a consumer under applicable local law that may not be excluded nor in any way to exclude or limit Tanya Bunting Coaching’s liability to you for any death or personal injury resulting from its negligence.
  • Nothing in this contract creates any right which is enforceable by any person who is not a party to the contract

License for website access

Tanya Bunting Coaching grants you a limited license to access and make personal use of this website, but not to download (other than page caching) or modify it, or any portion of it, except with express written consent of Tanya Bunting Coaching or as permitted by the website. This license does not include any resale or commercial use of this website or its contents; any collection and use of any product listings, descriptions, or prices; any derivative use of this website or its contents; any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant; or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools.

This website or any portion of this website may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without our express written consent. You may not frame or use framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of Tanya Bunting Coaching and its affiliates without express written consent. You may not use any meta tags or any other “hidden text” utilising Tanya Bunting Coaching’s or its affiliates’ names or trademarks without the express written consent of Tanya Bunting Coaching. Any unauthorised use terminates the permission or license granted by Tanya Bunting Coaching.

You understand that you, and not Tanya Bunting Coaching, are responsible for all electronic communications and content sent from your computer to us and you must use the website for lawful purposes only.

Copyright and database rights

All content included on the website, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the property of Tanya Bunting Coaching, its affiliates or its content suppliers and is protected by United Kingdom and international copyright and database right laws. The compilation of all content on this website is the exclusive property of Tanya Bunting Coaching and its affiliates and is protected by United Kingdom and international copyright and database right laws. All software used on this website is the property of Tanya Bunting Coaching, our affiliates or our software suppliers and is protected by United Kingdom and international copyright laws.

You may not systematically extract and/or re-utilise parts of the contents of the website without Tanya Bunting Coaching’s express written consent. In particular, you may not utilise any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools to extract (whether once or many times) for re-utilisation of any substantial parts of this website, without Tanya Bunting Coaching’s express written consent. You also may not create and/or publish your own database that features substantial (e.g. our prices and product listings) parts of this website without Tanya Bunting Coaching’s express written consent.

Content, including music samples are provided for the purposes of evaluating your interest in the tracks. You must not use the mp3 samples for any other purpose. Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the MP3 samples belong to third parties and unauthorised copying distribution or performance of the samples may breach local and international copyright laws.

Tanya Bunting Coaching is in full support of protecting the intellectual property rights of artists, and will take such action as is necessary to prevent abuses of its and other parties’ intellectual property rights.


When ordering goods from Tanya Bunting Coaching for delivery overseas you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches the specified destination. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so you should
contact your local customs office for further information.

Electronic communications

When you visit Tanya Bunting Coaching or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. We communicate with you by e- mail or by posting notices on the website. For contractual purposes, you consent to receive communications from us electronically and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. This condition does not affect your statutory rights.

Alteration of Service or Amendments to the Conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to our website, policies, and these Conditions of Use & Sale at any time. You will be subject to the policies and Conditions of Conditions of Use & Sale in force at the time that you use the website or that you order goods from us, unless any change to those policies or these conditions is required to be made by law or government authority (in which case it will apply to orders previously placed by you). If any of these conditions is deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that condition will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition.

Force Majeure

Tanya Bunting Coaching shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver goods you have ordered or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to goods delivered that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control. Invalidity If any part of these conditions is unenforceable (including any provision in which Tanya Bunting Coaching excludes its liability to you) the
enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.


Tanya Bunting Coaching is committed to providing the best customer service available. Any complaint will be given full attention by us. Please address any complaints to us, using the Contact Us page of this website.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions, together with the current Tanya Bunting Coaching Web site prices, delivery details and Tanya Bunting Coaching contact details, set out the whole of our agreement relating to the supply of the goods to you by Tanya Bunting Coaching. These terms and conditions cannot be varied except in writing signed by a director of Tanya Bunting Coaching. In particular nothing said by any sales person on behalf of Tanya Bunting Coaching should be understood as a variation of these terms and conditions or as an authorised
representation about the nature or quality of any goods offered for sale by Tanya Bunting Coaching. Tanya Bunting Coaching shall have no liability for any such representation being untrue or misleading. Governing Law.

The contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law, and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between us.


In these terms and conditions: –

  • ‘Tanya Bunting Coaching’ means Tanya Bunting Coaching
  • ‘working day’ means every day of a calendar year apart from weekends  and statutory and public holidays;
    ‘us’ means Tanya Bunting Coaching and you together; and ‘you’ and ‘your’ means the person ordering goods under these terms and conditions.
  • ‘goods’ means any items or any description offered for sale by any means on the website.
  • The website may also be occasionally suspended or restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance, or the introduction of new facilities or services.
  • We will attempt to limit the frequency and duration of any such suspension or restriction.

Privacy policy

Tanya Bunting Coaching takes your privacy seriously. In general, we use the personal information that we collect from you to identify personal preferences and match your needs with relevant products, and processany orders that you may make through our website.

Note: This policy only applies to websites hosted at and comprising part of the service and not to the companies, individuals, organizations or other websites to which there are links.


Your use of this website signifies your consent to us collecting and using personal information about you as specified below in accordance with this Policy. Should we choose to change our Policy for any reason, the changes will be posted here, so that you are always kept informed of how we collect and use your personal information, and when we may disclose it.

How do we collect information about you and how is it used?

You may provide personal information when communicating with us. You may order a product and give your name, email address, delivery address, credit or debit card number and expiry date so that the order can be processed and your products delivered to you. Sometimes you may be asked for your telephone number.

If you enter a competition or promotion we will ask for your name, address and email address.

We will collect information about your tastes and preferences both when you tell us what these are and by analysis of customer traffic, including by using cookies.

It may be that some of the personal information you give us (for instance about your lifestyle or health) is sensitive personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998. Any such information (“sensitive information”) will only be dealt with as described below.

It may be that you provide to us details of credit or debit cards or bank accounts in order to make payments to us. Any such information (“confidential financial information”) will be dealt with as described below.

We may use personal information collected about you to personalise your visits to our website and recommend goods or services to you. We also use the information to help us develop the design and layout of our website to ensure that our sites are as useful and enjoyable as possible. We may use personal information collected about you to let you know about functionality changes to our website or changes to our terms and conditions of use.

We never provide your data to third parties

Traffic data

We may provide aggregate statistics about our sales, customers, traffic patterns and other site information to third parties, but these statistics will not include any information that could personally identify you.

Other disclosures

Tanya Bunting Coaching reserves the right to access and disclose individually identifiable information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests, to operate its systems properly or to protect itself or its users.

How do we protect your information?

Tanya Bunting Coaching has strict security procedures covering the storage and disclosure of your information in order to prevent unauthorised access and to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. This means that sometimes we may ask you for proof of identity before disclosing any personal information to you.


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Customer feedback and complaints

We welcome your questions and comments about privacy issues and the design of our website. Should you have such comments or have a complaint about how we are using your personal data, please send an email to: