4 Magical Questions to elicit “I can…”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard adults and children say, “I can’t”!

“I can’t read!”

“I can’t write this job application/report!”

“I can’t speak in public!”

I wonder how often you hear yourself say, “I can’t”, and what this phrase means to you?

The TV Programme, “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook” springs to mind and if you’ve watch it, you’ll know that everyone cooked in the end, didn’t they?

As parents, teachers, team leaders or coaches, our response is crucial if we’re to support others to accelerate progress towards their goals. Whenever anyone says, “I can’t”, they may be thinking:

  • I don’t have the skills
  • I don’t believe I can
  • I’m not sure I can do it well enough
  • I’m not sure what other people will think

You can find out what you can ask to provide a great strategy to take someone from their problem state to their desired state. Read the full article here to find out the next steps in NLP.

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