Take 10 for YOU!

At the end of our first week of self-isolation here in the UK, it’s been a joy to experience the gratitude given to carers and teachers for the huge role they play in our lives on a daily basis, let alone the massive sacrifices being made to support our communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Much of the praise for teachers comes from parents who have unexpectedly stepped into their own home “classrooms” overnight and juggled their working life [or sudden lack of work] with leading their own “home school”, albeit with support from schools, each other, and the endless resources online. Likewise, much of the praise for parents comes from the teachers who like our NHS staff are putting their own families at risk to continue teaching in the workplace or establishing their own strategy for ensuring continuity and progression in learning from a distance. So today, I’m wondering…

  • Are you a parent, a teacher or both?
  • Has your daily routine changed dramatically?
  • Do you feel that you need to be everything to everyone to get you and yours through these unprecedented times?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to all three questions, it may be time to give yourself permission to do things differently for a while.

Find out about our ‘Take 10 for YOU’ steps and improve your day to day life in self isolation. Enjoy it and encourage your children [at home or at school] to do the same.

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