Get the Teaching Job You Want – 10 Top Tips for Applicants in 2021

Get the Teaching Job You Want – 10 Top Tips for Applicants in 2021

According to TES Jobs, the number of teaching vacancies in the UK is down by 58 per cent compared with this time last year. Experienced teachers are said to be “staying put” due to the pressures of the pandemic, so it’s hardly surprising to know that the application and interview process is proving daunting, especially for NQTs.

If you’re working hard to meet the teacher standards and achieve qualified teacher status but concerned that there’s little time to prepare lessons, let alone write a winning application and excel at interview; here’s my top tips for you to think on purpose, feel better and present well.

  1. You and Your Dream School: Give yourself time. Decide who are you and what you want, so that when you start reading the adverts, you’ll recognise the job/s for you. 
  2. Be congruent: Check your personal values are aligned with the schools, to ensure you’re a good match.
  3. Research Your Dream School: If you can’t visit, explore all avenues to ensure that you know it well.
  4. Write a Winning Application: Compose your personal statement with the job description and person specification in mind. State how you meet them. “Magic” ingredient: Impact of teaching on learning. 
  5. Consider your Referees: Select people that know you within the classroom and can clearly evidence your progress and the impact you’ve made.  Ask in advance, so that they can dedicate time for you.
  6. Prepare for Interview: The JD and person specification are a gift! Use them to predict the questions, consider the issues and think on purpose to show how you raise standards.
  7. Lesson Preparation: School leaders are creative and will find a way for you to demonstrate your skills. In a virtual interview room, you may be required to teach the panel! N.B. They’re just grown-up learners and possibly a tad nervous about their role too. 
  8. Create an Authentic, Professional and Confident Image: Dress, pose and present for success. Research shows that just 7% on communication is in the spoken word. Unconscious thoughts are reflected in body language and gesture. So, do what works for you to be confident.
  9. Imagine: Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real life and make believe. Overcome any anxiety by visualising the interview going well, so that your brain can believe you’ve already done it and settle. 
  10. Rehearse: Arrange a mock interview with a suitably qualified coach, who will challenge and support your thinking. If you’ve watched Bill Gate’s Ted Talk, “Teachers need real feedback”, you’ll know that “Everyone needs a coach”.

About the author: Tanya Bunting, Personal & Professional Development Coach is a former Headteacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Licensed Coach. Her 2020 publication, Get the Teaching Job You Want – From Self-doubt to Being Confident in 10 Easy Steps, takes you on the journey that all teachers need to make, to select and secure your next professional role; and, consolidated in the complementary hypnosis download: Your Trance to Shine and Get the Teaching Job You Want [Available soon] To ask Tanya for help, fill out the contact form on her website and follow the BUY NOW button on the book as and when you’re ready to read Get the Teaching Job You Want.

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