Stop Self-Sabotage – Be Kind to Yourself for a Change!

I wonder if you talk to yourself.

And, whether that internal voice is apt to grind you down?

Wouldn’t it be great to reprogram your mind to be kind to yourself instead and stop self-sabotage?

Not least because we’re chemical beings and every time we mutter unkind thought our adrenal glands fire off a dose of Cortisol. This stress chemical works well if we need to escape a threat, but too much Cortisol building up in your body causes stress and burnout in the longer term.

That’s why I’m super excited to share the NLP Auditory Swish. This great and simple mind hack works quickly stop self-sabotage patterns, so that you can be kind to yourself, instead. How much better does that sound?

  1. Recall something you say to yourself that used to grind you down. It may be a put down like, “I’m stupid. I’ve never been any good at that,” or something similar. Notice the tone and the speed to utterance.
  2. Repeat the phrase. This time, slow your voice right down and adjust the tone. Notice, the more you reduce the intensity of your voice, the more the meaning changes and the associated feeling just seems to fade. How much nicer is that?
  3. If needed, use your creativity to scramble the message in any way that works for you. For example, “I’m s…t…u…d…i…p…s…” [wrong order] Or my favourite, swop the words around to create a positive, “Never stupid, I’ve always been good at that!”
  4. Change the phrase. Tell yourself what you want to think instead. Be kind and give the meaning a positive spin. For example, “I’m work in progress and the more I’m practising, the better I get.”
  5. Now, play with the tone and rhythm. The more upbeat, the better!
  6. Future pace: See yourself at a time in the future when in the past your internal voice used to sound different and notice what’s changed.
  7. Now, TRY to bring back the old voice and notice what’s happened instead

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