Learning your love language – NLP strategy for a super special Valentine

This week I’m super excited to share the process to learning your love language – a great NLP strategy for a super special Valentine.

Do you love to celebrate?
And surprise a special person suitably?
But, wonder how you can get that gesture absolute right?

If you, like me, have ever received a gift and wondered what the other person was thinking, you’ll know how disappointing it can be when someone else doesn’t know you quite as well as you thought.

John La Valle, president of the society of NLP, tells a story about a wife who questions,

“Do you love me?”
Her partner says, “Of course I love you. I show you, don’t I?
I buy you flowers (visual),
I buy you perfume (olfactory),
I show you all the time.”

Unfortunately, the wife’s preferred representation is auditory, so her response is…

“Yes, but you never tell me that you love me!” (Auditory)

So, my invitation to you this week is learning your love language and listen in order to hear your partner’s preferred representation system.

NLP Representation Systems and how to recognise them is yet another skill that we teach, when you choose to learn NLP.

And the good news is that NLP Rep Systems are also your golden key in teaching, persuasion, and sales, to name but a few!

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