Your advent calendar starts now – an NLP inspired gift

It’s advent and I was thinking how advantageous it will be to enjoy an advent calendar just for you.

Advent, comes from the Latin word “adventus” or “coming” and Christmas is Coming very soon, isn’t it?

So, as Christians around the world get ready once again to celebrate Jesus’s birthday, I was thinking that there’s no time like the present to present you with a gift to shine even brighter on the run up to the big day. And, here it is…

And each Sunday throughout advent I’ll include an NLP inspired gift for you to enjoy, as well as some selfcare tips for the week ahead.

This week’s gift is 4711 Breathing, a 10-minute trance for you to take time out for you to relax during the Christmas rush.

I wonder if you’ve noticed that at Christmas time, we seem to fall into two camps. Those people who are organised and prepared well in advance, and those of us who despite our best efforts leave present buying and other preparations to the last minute.

On our Licensed Practitioner of NLP, we talk about people who are “in time” and those that are “through time”.

In a nutshell, “in time” people live life in the present, hence why they’re apt to be late because they’re always living in the moment; whereas “through time” people look at the future and prepare for what’s happening next. Consequently, they’re the people that are likely to turn up early and no doubt have their presents gift wrapped already!

My invitation to you this week is to be like a “through time” person and schedule time for you, and to enjoy being “in time” and enjoy the special moments that you want to savour in the festive season.