Best tips for sticking to your New Years Resolution

Following on from last week’s email, we’re now a good two weeks into 2023.

This means that if our New Year’s Resolutions included changing a habit, we’re already halfway towards reprogramming our brains and yet research shows that after two weeks, only 71% of those who set a goal on 1 st January are still successful at keeping it. So, if you’re in the 29% of people on route to success, I’m curious to know your strategy because I may want to borrow it!

Sticking to your New Years Resoution takes a lot of practice. NLP Strategy Elicitation is a great skill that certified NLP Practitioners love to use two reasons:

Firstly, it’s a good or effective strategy, you can apply it to another aspect of your life, where you want to improve.

Secondly, if it’s a bad strategy, you can learn how to mess it up and put something far more effective in its place.

Alternatively, it you know the trigger/cue for a particular behaviour the NLP Swish Pattern is one you can learn quickly and lead for yourself.

  1. Think of the cue image you want to replace [e.g. Someone offers you a cigarette]
  2. Make that image big and bright.
  3. Insert a small image of how you want to be instead, down in that left hand corner.
  4. Mentally swish [SWOP] that image. Repeat 5 or 6 times.

Top Tip: Your brain learns quick, so work fast!

You can “Swish” to move from procrastinating to working hard, eating rubbish to a healthy meal, ignoring the alarm to being up with the lark or whatever you want to do to shine brighter. Sticking to your New Years Resoluition can becoming easier using our NLP methods. Find out about our 7 day NLP training method below.