Dissolving Discomfort with NLP Spinning Feelings

One thing that I love, love, LOVE about NLP is that it’s a generic skill set that can be applied to all sorts of personal and professional situations. 

This week, I’m excited to share a great technique that’s super simple to learn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can reverse unwanted feelings, so that you can instantly feel better? I have a 4 step guide to dissolving discomfort with NLP.

I wonder if you know that a feeling or an emotion can is simply energy moving.

Dr Bandler, co-creator of NLP, notes that it’s, “E-MOTION or energy [electricity] in motion”. 

And the great news is that when you interrupt and reverse it, it loses its negative charge.

Dissolving Discomfort with NLP

  1. Think of something that puts you out of your comfort zone; remember what you see, hear, feel when you’re anxious, uncomfortable, or nervous [e.g., Meeting someone new, public speaking, walking into an interview].
  2. Notice the feeling inside your body. Where does it start? How does it move? Which direction does it spin? [*Clockwise? Anti-clockwise? Forwards? Backwards?] 
  3. Use the power of your mind to slow the feeling down. Notice how you can make it STOP!
  4. Now, spin it the other way and notice that discomfort dissolve.

*Top-tip: To realise this easily, imagine a clock on your tummy with number 3 to your left and number 4 to your right. Then, spin your hand in the four directions and sense which spin “fits” best with what you’re feeling inside.

This simple strategy to dissolving discomfort with NLP can be used to manage nausea and even a headache. How wonderful is that!