Building an NLP Superstate Anchor

I’m super excited to help you to build an NLP Superstate Anchor.

Dr Bandler, co-creator of NLP, talks about feeling good for no reason. How great does that sound?

Tanya Bunting NLP Coaching has 7 quick steps to allow you to build your NLP Superstate Anchor to us at anytime to feel your positive emotion and giving you a jumpstart at your success.

Think of three or four positive emotions, e.g. Confidence, Energetic, Pride, Calm, Humour [Giggle]

  1. Close your eyes. remember a time when you were confident in the past. In the words of Paul McKenna, “See what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt as you relive that confident memory all over again”.
  2. And as you do, notice that good feeling inside. speed up that confident feeling and anchor it by squeezing your thumb and middle finger.
  3. Break state. Think of something unrelated, e.g., what you had for breakfast.
  4. Test your anchor [Squeeze your thumb and finger and notice that good feeling return]
  5. Repeat twice more for Emotion 1, e.g., Confidence, so that you stack those good feelings; anchoring or saving them within your neurology so that you can fire off those good feelings by squeezing your thumb and middle finger, when you need them again in the future.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the further positive emotions that you want to create.
  7. Thereafter, when you want a “lift”, fire off your superstate anchor and enjoy feeling good for no reason.

If you’re looking for your pathway to shine brighter through the use of NLP. Tanya Bunting Coaching is offering a 7 day course to show you the fundamentals and how to use them to effect change and achieve success.