Planning for your next week

Can you believe that we’re already a good week into 2023?

The first week of 2023 is already behind us and its already time to plan for the week ahead.

I wonder if you know that 23% of people who set New Year’s resolutions quit in the first week and only successfully keep their New Year’s resolutions in the longer term. Planning for your next week with NLP is a big way to prepare for your heathly habits and ensure you succeed.

Maybe, that’s why Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft, believes, “Everyone needs a coach… We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Today, I’m really excited to share some of my best top tips for success to support you to keep shining throughout 2023.

  1. Put time into planning YOUR success – Include your goal, the actions needed and schedule when you will complete those actions on a daily basis.
  2. Make sure that your goals are right on every NLP “logical” level – your core purpose, identity, values and beliefs, skills, behaviour, environment. If your goal is at odds at any logical level, you’re likely to find that the odds are against you.
  3. Be sure to focus on your goals daily – Success is 20% skill; the rest is mindset. An easy way to plan success is to check your schedule the night before and visualise your success as you’re waking up in the morning.
  4. Be flexible – if an action slips, adjust your schedule and complete it at the next best opportunity or adjust and do things differently. For example, if something happens and you miss your gym slot, complete a home workout out instead.
  5. Watch, listen and learn from the best! In NLP we call this modelling. Think of someone you admire who has a great strategy for achieving a similar goal and notice what they do that makes the biggest different and imitate it.
  6. Be inspired by the best – Whether you decide to read a personal/professional development book or listen to a daily podcast, find the inspiration that works for you.

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