Happy New Year from Tanya Bunting Coaching!

 Let’s reflect on your hopes and dreams for 2023. If you were to get onto your own New Year’s Honours List this time next year (or even be recognised by Charles the King!), what do you want and most importantly, what do you have to do.

The following questions will help you create a Well-formed Outcome for the year ahead.

  • I wonder what you it is you want.
  • What will achieving that goal or goals give you?
  • How will you know when you’ve got it?
  • I wonder what you’ll see, hear, smell, even taste? And, best all of, I wonder how great you’ll feel inside. Imagine it now…
  • What needs to happen for you to get there? Write a list of the actions you need to take. Include the big leaps forward and the tiny steps in between.
  • What can you start doing? Stop doing to speed up the process?

Then, each day, take a few moments to plan forwards…

  1. Imagine yourself achieving your goal once again.
  2. See your day going well…completing the small steps towards success.

When you visualise, you train your brain to go in the right direction. NLP Practitioners aren’t given a wand when they get their license, but it can feel like it when you accelerate progress towards your goals.

When you think about it, IMAGINATION is the one thing that successful people have in common. Would our Lionesses have got onto the New Year’s Honours List without their goal. Did they picture losing? Probably not!

As you move forward in 2023, my invitation to you is to enjoy time for you to actively plan your success. If you’d like to know more about NLP training and what’s in it for you, watch our video below.